Strictly Dancing has been selling Ballroom Dancing shoes and apparel for over 20-years,locally,nationally and internationally and are highly regarded in the market place. Strictly Dancing was located for many years in the Embassy Ballroom which was the hub for all the dancing competitions in Western Australia. The Embassy Ballroom closed and Strictly Dancing moved to Mount Lawley(800 Beaufort St) with more flexible opening hours:

10AM to 5PM Tuesday to Friday and 10AM to 4PM Saturday.

We get at least 2/3 customers a week saying that they could not find our location and had spent time asking and looking for our location, hence the need for this web-site.

Strictly Dancing is the largest supplier of ballroom dancing shoes in Western Australia, with Shoes sourced from Italy, UK, Germany, Portugal and Australia.

Shoes/Apparel purchased online not meeting customers’ requirements will be replaced on the return of non-conforming product. Delivery within Australia will be 2-3 days after placement of order if product is in stock ; 7-21days if out of stock and sourced from our suppliers.

Advertising in the past was by “word of mouth” and sponsoring local ballroom dancing events. For the launch of the Web-site we will offer some specials on selected ballroom dancing shoes.Because of our close association with the ballroom dancing scene we considered ourselves in-tune with our customer needs offering quality European shoes and apparel at affordable prices .

To start the ball rolling we will offer:

  • We offer our customers  the prices they obtain online from Supadace, IDS, Dance Naturals and Ray Rose , if it can be shown that our prices are not the most cost effective and offering value for money we will match our competitors prices and give a 10% discount for bringing the oversight to our attention and will adjust our listed price.
  • Selected Rummos Ladies Latin Shoes A$150.00
  • Dansit Ladies Latin Shoes (Manufactured in China) A$80.00
  • Also customers purchasing their shoes on line will be entered into a raffle with the opportunity to win dancing shoes/apparel to a value of $200. The raffle will be drawn each month and winners announced on the blog?